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100% Fresh Organic Natural Flavors.

Bee Base is an initiative by people from different educational background and mix of youth with energy and experience with age. The team is committed to channelize their energy for easy accessto healthy lifestyle. Showcasing the wide and natural range of Honey and related products,which inspires consumers to make a conscious choice, it’s a one-stop shop for all flavors thoughtfully conceived by this Group. The Group is one of the most trusted sources for a wide diversity of organic food products from India. And starting with honey, the Group has been working hard towards niche “Probiotic” i.e. first time in India and fortified products in a manner which will boost the immunity and step towards making “Healthy India”.


To become one of the largest players who nurture the health and contribute towards “Fit India” movement To present our company working towards enhancement of agriculture crops by increasing yield through this infinite source of the nature To work for “Sweet Revolution” in real terms by bringing all stakeholders/Beekeepers under one umbrella


We're on a mission to go beyond honey and to safeguard and sustain honeybees, for the livelihood of beekind and humankind alike as bees are the base for a healthy life Increase per capita consumption of honey in India by spreading through B2B model i.e. from Breakfast to Bed To deliver the best and pure honey and related fortified products in niche packing with highest quality by following best manufacturing process


100% Fresh Organic Natural Flavors.

Mr. Pratik Ghoda

  • By qualification professional Chartered Accountant from ICAI
  • Served at senior level in corporates with expertise in his field and was youngest financial controller for International SBU of CADILA PHARMA.
  • Core competencies like Private Equity entry/exit, due diligence for project
  • Well worse with accounting standards, Taxation, Cost control/reduction
  • Always keen to get in to the business so that can link numbers objectively to the process
  • Total 14 years of experience (Major Pharma Companies) in his field and now switching over on his own with this venture.

Mr. Vibhakar Ghoda

  • Qualified Engineer with mammoth experience in Dairy, Engineering and Agro fields
  • Renowned Dairy consultant – Retired as GM-Operations from AMUL
  • Served NDDB for 13 years with successful implementation of the projects
  • Since 2007, on his own by having firm named “Perfect Solutions”
  • Worked as Technical advisor for projects with “Deloitte, India”
  • Total 46 years of huge experience on the field and still going on…

Mr. Manoj Ghoda

  • Doctor In the field of Gastroenterology and liver diseases with M.D, M.R.C.P (England)
  • Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist in private practice Since 1992
  • He has presented almost 21 research papers in his filed and reviewed 17 such papers
  • He has published 5 books on the “Gastroenterology” showing how he has excelled in his area
  • Total 40 years of healthy experience in his field and still going on…


100% Fresh Organic Natural Flavors.

Step 1

There is famous waggle dance that has been performed over bee hives with zigzag that indicates exactly how far and in which direction the nectar is available so perfect planning starts from there..:)

Step 2

Then worker bee flies in that decided direction to collect the nectar

Step 3

Once the same is collected in appropriate capacity, worker bee will fly back to it’s hive

Step 4

The nectar passed through 5 bees via “Chewing” process and then deposited in the wax hexagon in the honeycomb.

Step 5

Worker bees will “Fan” their wings over nectar to dehydrate the liquid and that is how converted to Honey

Step 6

Once honey is ready, it will be sealed by bees with the wax generated from her own gland.


100% Fresh Organic Natural Flavors.


Little work is required at the hives. If there is snow, make sure the entrance to the hive is cleared to allow proper ventilation. If a January thaw occurs you will need to provide supplemental emergency food for the bees.

Read, learn, attend classes/workshops.

On a mild day, early in the month, with no wind or bees flying, peek inside your hive. If you don’t see any sealed honey in the top frames, you may need to provide emergency food. Once you start feeding them, do not stop until they are bringing in their own food. This is also the time to treat for Varroa mites, if needed. Although not a harm to the stored honey, Varroa mites resemble reddish dots and latch on to bees draining the bees' blood-like fluid from their bodies, ultimately killing them.

Do your first comprehensive inspection on a warm, still day. Look for the queen and check to see if there are plenty of eggs and brood. Later in the month you should consider reversing the hive bodies.

Spring mite treatments should be completed and removed prior to adding any honey supers. Add a queen excluder and place honey supers on top of the top deep. Inspect the hive weekly.

Inspect the hive weekly to make sure the hive is healthy and the queen is present. Add honey supers as needed.

Continue inspections to assure the health of your colony. Add more honey supers if needed.

Watch for honey robbing by wasps or other bees.

Harvest your honey crop. Remember to leave the colony with at least 60 pounds of honey for winter. Check for the queen’s presence. Feed and medicate toward the end of the month. Apply mite treatment. Continue feeding until the bees will take no more.

Watch out for robbing. Prepare the hive for winter, with attention to ventilation and moisture control. Install a mouse guard at entrance of hive. Finish winter feeding.

Store your equipment away for the winter.

This is a good time to continue expanding your knowledge on beekeeping through education.


100% Fresh Organic Natural Flavors.

Bees needs to be put in an area which is surrounded by flowers of the crop flavor that we need to have..(For e.g. Ajwain Flowers/Farms for Ajwain Honey, Fennel Flowers/Farms for Fennel Honey

Place the Bee boxes in proper dry and warm place

Make Sure that the same is disease free

Avoid usage of any antibiotics and possible then place around organic Farms

Selecting an Apiary Site

Following needs to be kept in mind while selecting a site

1. The same should have proper sunlight
2. It has to be surrounded by enough flowering
3. Proper wind direction is also key while selecting a site
4. It should have proper connectivity with Roads to ensure smooth Supply Chain

Materials for Beekeeping

  • Bee Boxes
  • Wax Sheets
  • Smoker
  • Honey Harvesting Machine
  • Bee Brush
  • Protection Suit including Cap
  • Tank & Containers

IMPORTANT: Before embarking on your beekeeping journey,
you need to be familiar with the rules, regulations and obligations associated with